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Verka is a small family business from Croatia.
We make linen mats in different shapes and linen toys for kids.
All of our products are custom made.
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About us

“The two of us have completely different taste, style and interests, but on the other hand we are both creative and somehow Verka has managed to merge our differenles.

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If you want to pay with cash or card to the courier, select the payment for the delivery. We advise you to have the correct amount prepared to make the handover faster. We package and send the goods immediately upon receipt of the order. 
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Our products


Verka is meant for everyone. Mats are made of linen with anti-allergic 400 grams (0.89 lb) silicone filling so they are perfect for babies and children, but also for adults and home pets who especially love them.

Currently, we offer 6 different mat shapes - monstera leaf (Swiss cheese plant), seashell, succulent plant, clover leaf, moon and heart. All shapes come in 4 sizes.

Apart from Verkas, we also create linen toys for children. We have two types of toy models;
Pillow toys crew and Puppet toys.
Pillow toys crew are toy pillows in animal shapes. For now we offer racoon, fox, cow and pig shaped pillows. They are perfect for play but also for sleeping which makes them ideal children travel companion.

Puppet toys are hand puppets. They are instant `return to childhood´. You can easily put them on your hand and start storytelling, create your own puppet show and expand children’s imagination, creativity, speech etc.


- you can wash it in the delicate wash mode / 30C°
- do not iron it, but you can steam it
- do not use bleach
- do not use dryer


There are many reasons to shop locally. Amazing designers, artists and creatives that make wonderful and high quality products are all around you. We are sure that everyone can find something for themselves that they like and are willing to buy and support local small businesses.
When you shop locally, not only you support someone’s creative  idea, but one’s courage to start a business while there is already so many different products on the market, you support small and trustworthy production (mass productions often exploits labor - underpayment, child labor, etc.). Every single one of your orders cheers us up! We are the ones that correspond with you, we do the paper work, order materials, make products for you, pack and ship them. And when we receive your feedback, how much you are satisfied with our products it makes us truly happy! Finally, when you shop local handmade products you also support domestic economy.
We would also like to emphasize that buying isn’t only way to support local small businesses because not everyone is in position to afford handmade products, but you can always support someone’s work with positive feedback, comment, share on social media platforms or among your friends and family.
Little things mean a lot!

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Verka tekstil, obrt za tekstilne rukotvorine
Ivekovićeva 19
10000 Zagreb



Verka Handmade


About us

Verka is a small handmade croatian brand founded by Filipec family who with a lot of passion and care creates linen mats and linen toys in different shapes inspired by nature.

With great support of family and friends, Verka is run by a mother-daughter duo, Veronika and Ela. 

“The two of us have completely different taste, style and interests, but on the other hand we are both creative and somehow Verka has managed to merge our differenles.

Verka was created when Ela moved from family home to a new place, where she got desire for balcony décor that could also be useful. “After we created first Verka, our family and friends reactions were amazing wich motivated us to start this whole story. 

Apart from producing Verka mats, Veronika runs a handicraft workshops, sews wonderful custom sofa and chair covers, works on handbook about Pag lace and fabricates folk costumes for Croatian Cultural Association "Čuntićarka" from Hrvatski Čuntić where she is originally from. She also plays recreational football with fellow girlfriends who she used to play handball with.

Ela is a graphic designer by profession and besides Verka and graphic design she also runs a jewelry brand with a friend. She has also been playing ice hockey for many years.