About us

Verka is a small handmade croatian brand founded by Filipec family who with a lot of passion and care creates linen mats and linen toys in different shapes inspired by nature.

With great support of family and friends, Verka is run by a mother-daughter duo, Veronika and Ela. 

“The two of us have completely different taste, style and interests, but on the other hand we are both creative and somehow Verka has managed to merge our differenles.

Verka was created when Ela moved from family home to a new place, where she got desire for balcony décor that could also be useful. “After we created first Verka, our family and friends reactions were amazing wich motivated us to start this whole story. 

Apart from producing Verka mats, Veronika runs a handicraft workshops, sews wonderful custom sofa and chair covers, works on handbook about Pag lace and fabricates folk costumes for Croatian Cultural Association "Čuntićarka" from Hrvatski Čuntić where she is originally from. She also plays recreational football with fellow girlfriends who she used to play handball with.

Ela is a graphic designer by profession and besides Verka and graphic design she also runs a jewelry brand with a friend. She has also been playing ice hockey for many years.